About us

Prayaas Yoga  is a registered social organization having its administrative headquarter at Bhubaneswar. Prayaas’  sole aim is to spread yoga for both preventive and curative health. Its area of operation is the state of Orissa. Main activities of PRAYAAS YOGA includes conducting therapeutic yoga classes for general public, treatment packages with yoga therapy and other allied alternative therapies for patients and imparting yoga teachers training to eligible aspirants


Nandaji a qualified yoga therapist from S VYASA (Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samiti), BENGALURU, headed by Dr HR Nagendra .
 With yoga training and research experience since 1977, he has been involved in wide range of yogic activities like conducting training programme for teachers and students, yoga therapy programmes for diseased and stress management programme for corporates .Apart from this , teaching “YOGA FOR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS to innumerable yoga seekers is an integrated part of his daily curriculum .Research papers on various yoga related subjects has been presented by him in various national and international conferences being organised by reputed yoga and nature cure organisations . Apart from YOGA he is also the GRAND MASTER of REIKI , a system of touch healing and healing from distance. Reiki is a powerful source of stress management being originated from Japan by Dr. Mikao Usul and entered India in late 90s. Apart from Reiki he is also equipped with other healing sources like Tibutian healing system (lama fera). healing through mantra empowerment, acu healing and nature cure through water, air & diet. His dedication in the field of yoga and alternate healings has already added many successful pages to his life. Anybody comes to him gets something from meeting, many things from talk and everything from his treatment and training. Presently, he is the Vice President of PRAYAAS FOUNDATION, BHUBANESWAR and Director & research head, PRAYAAS  YOGA Bhubaneswar 

You must control you, breathe while practising yoga